Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Funny EA Sports NHL 2007 Bug

I came across a bug that I reported to EA but wanted to share since I haven't come across anyone else that has encountered it before.

The basic gist of the bug is that there is an extra goalie on one of the teams. Moreover, the team that has the extra goalie seems to steal this man from the other team because they are one man shy. So not only does one team have an extra goalie, the extra man was taken from the other team!

Oddly, enough, I really like this bug. It's really fun trying to deke out both goalies. Right when you think that you have beat one of them, the other dives across and saves the day. Who knows, maybe EA should add a mini-game in the next installment that allows you to play against a team with an extra on ice goalie.

So how does one re-create this bug?
  • First of all, I have an Xbox 360, so that is the only platform that I have tried this game on. So all other consoles are out of luck.

  • Second, the bug has happened to me many times, and only when playing against a friend using the 'play now' mode. The team that always seems to be on the ice when this happens are the Buffalo Sabres. For the screenshots below, they were playing against Colorado.

  • Thirdly, you have to edit your lines once you have chosen your teams and before loading the game. When changing your lines, try to have as many players listed as 'undefined, undefined, undefined'. If you don't know what I mean, try double shifting players repeatedly until this glitch occurs.

  • Finally, go on and play the game. During a face off, you will notice that all of a sudden both teams are 4 on 4. After the face off, a player will come off the bench and his team will have an extra goalie.
So below are some screen shots that I took when I encountered the bug. Sorry if they are out of focus, but I am sure that you get the point!


Ed said...

It turns out that you and your friend have to edit their lines at the same time. This will cause some players to read undefined ... Get as many as possible and start the game. While you play, the bug occurs for different line combinations.

Heero said...

That's so funny!!